4. Chairman’s Challenges

Each month the Chairman sets a small challenge for members to tackle for the following month. Most of us find this to be an excellent motivational exercise. Entries can be in the form of prose or poetry – whatever inspires you! The challenges are judged anonymously (so please don’t put your name on them) and the winner receives £5 – who says you can’t earn money from your writing! At the end of each year, every challenge submission is collated into an anthology, which we publish and distribute to individual members.

Chairman’s Challenge to bring to the January meeting:

100 words (prose) or 15 lines of poetry inspired by the word “Euphemism”

Please use a sensible-sized font (at least 12 point) and an easy to read font to help those reading out your work on your behalf 


Heres How To Write Your Chairman’s Challenge Submission in FIVE easy steps 

1. To stand a chance of winning you need to keep within an absolute maximum of 100 words unless otherwise specified (not counting the title).

2. Come up with a cunning idea!

3. Write it on paper – DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON IT.

4. Print out a copy to bring to the meeting so it can be read out, ensuring it has a title.

5. Please also email a copy to chairmanschallenge@gmail.com (having an electronic entry helps us with creating the anthology.)

Please note: if you’re not able to attend a meeting, it would help if you could let someone know and see if they will bring your entry on your behalf. Only physical copies are read out at the meeting. The chairman’s challenge email address is only for the purposes of producing the anthology.

It’s as easy as that!

Every Chairman's Challenge entry gets included in our annual anthology

Every Chairman’s Challenge entry gets included in our annual anthology

For anyone keeping track, our most previous Chairman’s Challenges were:


January – 100 words, or 15 poetic lines, inspired by the word “Euphemism”






January – 100 words or 10 poetic lines based on “Space” and/or “Odyssey” for reasons that will become clear, but can also be easily guessed by sci-fi fans.

February – 50 words or 5 lines of poetry based on the words ‘Tolkien’ and/or ‘Fantasy’.

March – 100 words or 15 poetic lines inspired by the word “Dickens”.

April – 100 words or 15 poetic lines inspired by the word “Earth” or “Sea”

May – 150 words, or 20 poetic lines, featuring “Martin Luther King”

June – Write two brief newspaper articles, one in the style of a ‘red top’ and one in the style of a ‘broadsheet’. The articles will be inspired by ‘an invention’ and have a word count of 150 in total for BOTH articles.

July – 100 words or 15 poetic lines including ‘teenager’

August – 100 words that may have been said between President trump and the Queen.

September – 150 words or 15 poetic lines inspired by the words ‘big foot’

October:  Either (or both!) – 1) 200 words / 20 lines starring a character borrowed from an Agatha Christie novel, OR 2) 150 words / 15 lines  to include the word ‘Wellington’ somewhere. 

November: 100 words of prose or 15 lines of poetry inspired by P G Wodehouse

December: 100 words of prose or 15 lines of poetry inspired by the words “Plucking good”.



January – 100 Words inspired by the word ‘Party’

February – 100 words (or 20 line poem) inspired by a photograph

March – 150 words (or 20 word poem) inspired by the words ‘Time’ or ‘ Capsule’

April – 124 words (or 24 lines of poetry) inspired by Wilfred Owen

May – 1oo words (or 15 lines of poetry) inspired by the words ‘Sword’ or ‘Sorcery’

June – 150 words (or 15 lines of poetry) inspired by the words ‘non-stop’

July – A 50-word summary of the book you’re reading at the moment, followed by 100 words (or 15 lines if a poem) inspired by that book

August – 100 words (or 15 lines) inspired by the word ‘Wrekin’

September – 100 words (or 15 lines of poetry) including the word ‘Eclipse’

October – 100 words (or 15 lines of poetry) with the word ‘festival’ in the first line

November – 200 words (or 20 lines if a poem) with the word ‘Declare’ and/or ‘Fake’

December – 150 words (15 lines of a poem) inspired by a physical object (not a photograph)



January – 200 words inspired by ‘pass’

February – 100 words inspired by ‘Starman’

March – ‘Tinkling’

April – 100 words inspired by Charlotte Bronte

May – 200 words inspired by ‘Emancipation’

June – 100 words including either (or both) words: ‘shake’ and/or ‘spear’

July – 100 words inspired by either ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’

Aug – 100 words inspired by ‘all change’

Sep – 200 words inspired by ‘medal (or meddle)’

Nov – 100 words inspired by ‘inferno’ or ‘murder’

Dec – 150 words inspired by the phrase ‘Tales of the Unexpected’



December: 150 words with the word Unicorn in the first sentence.

November: Migrant

September: Shooting Stars

August: 100 words inspired by a current news story written in the style of a red top (tabloid) and a broadsheet


June: 150 words – Nonsense

May: 200 words – conflict in the form of dialogue

April: Dragon Fang

March: Extra Layers

February – 100 words written in the second person viewpoint (You open the car window and wave goodbye as you drive away.)

January – Unacceptable Acceptance.



December: Creating Convincing Characters

November: The Bucket List

September: 200 words inspired by Dylan Thomas

August: “The Prime Minister dropped his …”

July: ‘Mind’ or ‘Map’

June: Aargh!

May 2014: “Viewpoint”

April 2014: “Local History” (300 words)

March 2014: “Number Ten”

February 2014: “Leek” or “Leak”

January 2014: “Nelson” and/or “Mandela”



December 2013: “Seasons” and/or “Greetings” (150 words or less)

November 2013: “Harvest”

September 2013: “New World” or Something inspired by Edith Pargeter

August 2013: Walking, Expressive, Music

July 2013: “Mundane Task”

June 2013: “Trope”

May 2013: Demonstrate three or more senses (150 words or less)

April 2013: “Extraordinary Character”

March 2013: “False Start”

Feb 2013: “Brilliant Beginnings”

Jan 2013: “Travel”



Dec 2012: “Showing The Detail”

Nov 2012: “Serendipity”

Sept 2012: “Pitch”

Aug 2012: “‘Snap” and “Stretch”

July 2012: “The Last Kiss” (150 words or less)

June 2012: “Anthem”

May 2012: Write a blurb/description for your book – whatever it may be destined to be