2010 Doris Gooderson – Winners and Shortlist

The Competition Winners:
First Place            John Samson, Herts, “New Life”
Second Place      David Wass, Dorset, “Mum’s Best Friend”
Third Place           Danielle McLaughlin, “Bewitched
The stories that made the short list were of exceptional quality and were very close to winning.
The Shortlisted runners up, in no particular order:

D.R.D Bruton, West Linton, “Ursula & The Catwalk Tryst”

Carole Lynch, Canterbury, “The Masterpiece”

Kath Mackenzie, Corby, “Too Tall For The Shelf”

Louise Hume, Brighton, “Dream Home”

Brian Bold, Middlesex, “Patched Up”

Ina Claire Gabler, Poughkeepsie, USA, “Cold Remains”

Ina Claire Gabler, Poughkeepsie, USA, “Stalker”

Mrs P. Morrison, Maidstone, “The Artist”

Sarah Evans, Welwyn Garden City, “The Deal”

Judy Walker, Hexham, “The Last Link”

Julia Underwood, Ruislip, “The Lost Child”

J.C. Russell, Hendon, “This Wan Here”

Barbara Leahy, Co. Cork, Ireland, “Territory”

Gill Belchetz, Wetherby, “Cricket By The Bed”

Samantha Priestly, Sheffield, “Barefoot Love”

Gerry Knight, Warwick, “Cross Talk”

Lynne Voyce, Smethwick, “Anaesthetic”

Gerald Whittaker, Southampton, “Lord Of All He Surveys”

Diane Simmons, Bath, “Top Table”

Janet Edwards, Solihull, “Oh Mr Darcy”