2011 Doris Gooderson – Winners and Shortlist

First – Susan White of Fareham -A Time When Trees Walked The Earth
Second – Janet Gogerty of Southborne on Sea – Darren’s Day Out
Third – John Enos of Bridgend – Bits and Pieces

Short list for Doris Gooderson Short Story Comp 2011

(In no particular order)

15 : by Lorraine Blencoe, Tamworth, Staffs.

The Emergence of the Shy Tomato by Joanna Campbell, Bisley, Gloucesterhire

Choosing Eve by Julie Chilver, Cooran, Queensland, Australia

Alessandra by Sharon Birch, Grandtlly by Aberfeldy, Perth & Kinross

Baby-Shaped Hole byG B Lindsey, Sacramento, CA, USA

Twin Trees by Sue Healy, Norwich, Norfolk

Sockeroo by Kath O’Sullivan, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

The Invitation by Yagnya Valkya Misra, Consett, County Durham

Sometimes by Gillian Brown, Peyriac de Mer, France

The Secret: by Susan White, Fareham.

Missing the Boat: by Norman Kitching, Gosport, Hants.

Paper Cut: by Andrew Campbell-Kearsey, Brighton, Sussex.

Janus (the God With Two Faces): by Julia Underwood, Ruislip.

White Lillies by Helen Yendall, Coleshill, Warwickshire

I Can Do No More: by Michael Ross, Bridgend.