In A French Country Vineyard by Yvonne Sarah Lewis

In A French Country Vineyard by Yvonne Sarah Lewis (NOTE: THIS IS EROTIC FICTION)


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In a French Country Vineyard is the sequel to A Rose Without Thorns.
On a tour of the French wine districts, Carol and husband Brian meet new friends offering a range of romantic diversions.
The confident Englishwoman teaches young Frenchman Lucien the sweet art of love. Her husband, though naturally a gentle man, indulges her, even when one night of love doesn’t cool Lucien’s passion. Soon Brian is obliged to teach them both a lesson, and Carol succumbs to sterner instruction when lured down the path of BDSM.
Their lives tinged with fear and excitement, Carol and Brian take a roller-coaster sexual ride—and just about everything’s flavoured with the best of wines.

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