In A Japanese Knot garden by Yvonne Sarah Lewis

In A Japanese Knot Garden by Yvonne Sarah Lewis (Erotic Fiction)

Japanese Knot Garden 200 x 300

Carol is a woman at her sexual peak. Her husband Brian takes her and their friend Helen to a private club to see an exhibition of Japanese Rope Bondage. She’s haunted by the demonstration and apprehensive when she finds that Brian has arranged for the Japanese to stay with them.

Helen perceives Carol’s yearning to be bound and outspokenly demands it for her. Mr. Ebara agrees—if Helen will do something for him. Delivered into the hands of Ebara and his assistant Keiko, Carol experiences several forms of bondage and achieves ecstasy.

But the Japanese are troubled, and it takes Helen’s skill and wisdom to temper kindness with cruelty and release an outcome that fulfils Keiko’s need from her master, and his for her.

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