Ten Teatime Tales by Simon Whaley

Ten Teatime Tales by Simon Whaley


Available in eBook format Ten Teatime Tales is a collection of ten of my short stories that have previously appeared in magazines such as Take A Break, Take A Break’s Fiction Feast, The Weekly News, Writers’ News and The People’s Friend, in the UK and also That’s Life Fast Fiction in Australia.

The stories include:

1. Chief Suspect Mickey Mouse
Who is the mysterious Mickey Mouse masked robber, terrorising bank staff, and will Detective Inspector Jane Newman stop them from striking again?

2. Blindingly Foggy
Looking for a lost dog in the park on a foggy morning isn’t easy.

3. Potato Waffles and Syrupy Socks
A Valentine’s Day breakfast with a difference. Love works in mysterious ways.

4. Jungle Jane
Her mean boss was teaching her to be resourceful. Jane was a fast learner.

5. Open House
There seemed to be no end of deceitful people turning up on Patricia’s doorstep.

6. Basket Bingo
Spaghetti, pasta sauce and wine – According to Jules’s Bingo Card Rob was already taken. So why was he so interested in the contents of her shopping basket?

7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
There are some secrets that should be shared fully, and others that shouldn’t.

8. A Library Full of Murder
Reginald Crackenthorpe had been murdered. The question was, which member of the Lower Fenbury Murder Book Club had killed him?

9. The Wedding Crasher
Laura hates weddings. So does Zac. With so many mishaps behind them what could go wrong this time?

10. Flower Thief
Who’s responsible for kidnapping Geoffrey’s petunias, and why is it upsetting his wife, Rose?

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