The Positively Productive Writer by Simon Whaley

The Positively Productive Writer by Simon Whaley

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‘My piece was rejected. I should give up writing, yes?’ NO!

As a creative writing tutor, workshop facilitator and regular speaker at writers circles, Simon Whaley frequently comes across this statement from prospective writers. But drawing upon his own writing experience of over twenty years, the last eight as a full-time freelance writer, Simon knows how rejection can be misinterpreted.

Writers will always be rejected, both beginners and professionals, so it is imperative that writers understand what rejection really means and equip themselves with the necessary skills to cope with this emotion and identify any opportunities that may arise. When one of his book proposals was rejected by a publisher, the rejection actually led to two book commissions from the same publisher!

Having a positive frame of mind is key to remaining a productive writer. The more positive a writer is, the more productive they are, and the more productive they are, the more opportunity for writing success there is.

The Positively Productive Writer is not a how-to-write book, but a how-to-stay-motiovated-as-a-writer book.

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