2014 – Saturday 4th October – Ludlow – meet The Author Event

As part of the “Richard III, Ludlow and House of York” day in Ludlow, Shropshire on Saturday, 4th October, three authors will discuss their books, how to conduct historical research, finding a publisher, e-books, and more. The panel consists of:

– John Barratt, a member of the Ludlow Historical Research Group, author of several books on the English civil war. He will talk about his book “Battle of Shrewsbury 1403”.

– Dr Susan Fern, a research affiliate with the Open University, author of historical fiction and non-fiction. She will discuss her book “The Man Who Killed Richard III”.

– Matthew Lewis, a writer of historical fiction specialising in the War of the Roses and early Tudor period. He will talk about his books “Loyalty” and “Honour” and research on what happen to the Yorkist after the Battle of Bosworth Field.

“Meet the Authors” is a unique opportunity for writers, readers and individuals interested in history to learn more about King Richard III and the War of the Roses, as well as the art of writing and the basics of getting a book published.

Tickets for “Meet the Authors”, running from 11.30am to 1.00pm, Saturday, 4th October, at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, are £5 each and are available from The Castle Bookshop in Ludlow, Tel: 01584 872562.