2014 Retreat – Back to Plas Colwyn

For our 2014 retreat we retreated back to Plas Colwyn, in the relative civilisation of Beddgelert and all of its amenities (we mean procrastination opportunities).

We got sidetracked to Portmeirion on our way in ...

Diane sitting on the Buddha, a remant from the film set of the Inn of the Sixth Happiness. The statue of Charity - don't think she'd be allowed in Claridges like that. Proof that Welsh giants wear winklepickers. Colour on a grey November day The Bristol Colonade, originally from bristol, funnily enough Stalactites and stalagmites in the Sygun Coppermines Diane, Julie and Mollie in the Sygun Coppermines (not writing) Delving deeper into the Sygun Coppermines Climbing up in the Sygun Coppermines Diane, Julie and Mollie in the Sygun Coppermines Escaping from the Sygun Coppermines Inside Bedgellert Woodcraft Overlooking Sygun Coppermines Looking down on Beddgelert A steam train on the Welsh Highland Line arrives at Beddgelert The final supper of the Beddgelert Wrekin Writer Retreat Book wallpaper at the Beddgelert Wrekin Writer Retreat More lounging around, than writing ... Fact or Crap at the Beddgelert Wrekin Writer Retreat Playing Fact or Crap at the Beddgelert Wrekin Writer Retreat The log burner fire at the Beddgelert Wrekin Writer Retreat Misty morning on our day of departure. The path to Beddgelert's Grave Gelert's Grave in morning mist Gelert Cloud engulfing Snowdonia Plas COlwyn - our accommodation


Sue Ross on train Simon, Molly, Di at the copper mine Sign at station Pulling the anchor Portmadog Portmadog 3 Portmadog 2 Molly and Sue Ross Camera issues, Di, Molly and Simon Beddgelert_WelshHighlandRailway_Firewoman_1070_edited-1BW Beddgelert_WelshHighlandRailway_Firewoman_1060_edited-2BW Beddgelert_Thoughtful_ Brenda_Sue_1122_edited-1 Beddgelert_SueRoss_1125_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1190_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1185_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1147_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1144_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1140_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1130_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1129_edited-1 Beddgelert_Retreaters_1123_edited-1 Beddgelert_PlasConwy_1132_edited-1 Beddgelert_OnTheWelshMountainRailway_1082_edited-1 Beddgelert_MollieBolt_1126_edited-1 Beddgelert_DianeWithGelert_1181_edited-1 Beddgelert_DianeWithGelert_1175_edited-1 Beddgelert_BryanVaughan_1112_edited-1 Beddgelert_AtGelertsGrave1169_edited-1