Wild Words Writing Courses

Wild Words is an organisation run by university tutor, psychotherapist and writer Bridget Holding, that offers a variety of online and real world creative writing courses. Designed to reconnect you with your instincts, the help on offer is designed to help both fiction and non-fiction writers. Booking are now being taken for their next online You, The Explorer course (starting May 4th) and offers:

“This course emboldens you to become ‘the explorer’, to be the hero of your own story. Over 6 weeks you will move past block into a profound and creative exploration of what it means to write ‘Wild Words’. This is the foundation for an increasingly potent exploration of your creative writing skills, via the Level 2 and Level 3 courses.

The course includes evolutionary psychology, body-based psychotherapy, and creative writing theory; as well as exercises, a peer support programme, and an optional once-a-week live group check-in with Bridget.”

For more information visit: http://www.wildwords.org/online-writing-courses.html