2015 Wrekin Writer Workshops with Nick Fletcher and Catherine Cooper

This year, as part of the Wellington Literary Festival, we had two fabulous workshop facilitators: Nick Fletcher and Catherine Cooper.

Nick gave us an insight into the world of freelance journalism and writing for magazines, sharing with us his tips and advice, drawing upon his many years experience working for the national newspapers and also selling to magazines across the UK.


By the end of the workshop, everyone was fired up with lots of ideas. Editors, I hope you’re inboxes are ready for our pitches!

Then, in the afternoon, Catherine Cooper arrived, with friends, to demystify the world of writing for children …


She had us busy creating characters, delving into treasure chests and picking out a mysterious object to inspire our character and take them on a magical journey. Writing for children means releasing your inner child!







Many thanks to both of our guest speakers for two fab workshops!