Chris Owen’s Twenty Shakespeare Questions

As part of April’s meeting, Chris Owen did a talk about playwriting and rounded off with a quiz on the greatest playwright of all time: Shakespeare. For those who missed it, here are the questions (along with the answers).


1) What was thought to be Shakespeare’s Breakthrough Play and the publishing year ?

A) Henry V1 Part 1 (1590 – 91) 2 x G of V (1589 – 91)

2) Who is the performer said to be responsible for the: ‘Nine days Wonder’

A) William Kemp – part of Shakespeare’s company : The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

3) Where is the Main Setting of Hamlet in Denmark

A) Elsinore Castle

4) Name of Shakespeare’s purchased House

A) New Place, Stratford

5) What was the bard’s dad’s name and Profession

A) John – Whitterer or Glove-maker

6) Name of the company our Will joined

A) The Lord Chamberlain’s Men (Later became  the Kings Men)

7) Name Shakespeare’s theatre that was burnt down and the year

A) The Globe 1613

8) Year of First Folio publication

A) 1623

9) Containing how many plays

A) 36

10) Name of two friends who arranged publication of First Folio

A) John Heminges + Henry Condell

11) Shakespearean Character played by Orson Welles in the film ‘Chimes at Midnight’

A) Sir John Falstaff

12) Playwright contemporary of Shakespeare who was thought to be the real author of the Bard’s plays (but can’t be for a specific reason) ?

A) Christopher Marlowe – killed in a knife fight in 1593

13) Italian City where Romeo and Juliet is mainly set

A) Verona

14) What book is thought to be Main factual source of Shakespeare’s history plays ?

A) Holinsheds Chronicles

15) Playwright’s texts in Shakespeare’s time that the actors learnt from and often plus added lines – were referred to as what?

A) Foul Papers

16)What were the audience comprising common folk who’s stood at the front of the stage called?

A) Groundlings

17) Which actor playwright poet of the 18th century was responsible for the great revival and veneration of Shakespeare’s plays – who set up Drury Lane theatre and became the first commercial actor /manager/ producer?

A) David Garrick

18) What is the Scottish play and what is invoked in acting circles if mention of the correct title is made ?

A) Macbeth & bad luck

19) Which play is partly set in Shakespeare’s mother’s family home area and bears the same maiden name?

A) Arden Forest (Mid Summer Night’s Dream) ; Arden Family

20) Where is the bard’s official grave and why is it thought to be bad luck to move it to Poets corner in Westminster Abbey London ?

A) curse on Shakespeare’s grave at All Saint’s Church, Stratford reads:-

Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare,

To dig the dust enclosed here.

Blessed be the man that spares these stones,

And cursed be he that moves my bones.

Chris Owen