Short Swords: Tales from the Divine Empire (The First Sword Chronicles Book 3)

Christopher Smith has also self-published a collection of short stories that complement his Spirit of the Sword series, which can also be bought from Amazon here:



In the wake of the night of madness caused by Quirian’s machinations, Miranda Callistus is content to dwell in comfortable confinement in one of the Imperial estates. But as people around her begin to die at an alarming rate it becomes clear that someone – or something – is stalking Miranda, someone who does not beleive that she has been punished proportionately to her crimes.

Meanwhile, Michael and Amy bring word of Princess Fiannuala’s death to her kin the forest of Eena, Princess Romana ascends to the rule of the Divine Empire, and a girl named Summer Phoenix leaves her home in a distant world in search of the glory and acclaim that is her due.

And in the mountains to the north a sinister plot is being hatched that could unleash war upon the world and shake the Empire to its foundations.