Hatchette’s The Future Bookshelf

Hachette UK is officially launching its new creative writing resource, The Future Bookshelf – http://thefuturebookshelf.co.uk/ . It is a creative writing hub for aspiring writers which aims to demystify publishing and guide users of the website through the process of writing, editing, submitting and publishing.

The Future Bookshelf will also be hosting an Open Submissions period in December 2017. This will be for unpublished, unagented writers of novels and non-fiction, who feel that the industry doesn’t adequately represent people from their background or with their experiences. It is to run from Friday 1st to Friday 8th December 2017.

You can find them on Twitter @FutureBookshelf and use the hashtag #ChangingtheStory

Full press release attached here: The Future Bookshelf press release