The Call Of Catalonia by Sue Crampton

The Call of Catalonia by Sue Crampton

Sue Crampton’s latest book has recently been published.

Sue was enchanted with the Costa Brava when she visited the country in 1962 on her family’s first foreign holiday. She returned forty years later and fell completely under its spell. The magical landscape, unique culture, and charisma were still there but now the people had re-established their Catalan identity and were struggling towards independence from Spain. Their history and this struggle inspired these stories.

Sue Crampton worked in Iran with the British Army in the years before the Iranian Revolution. She published her first novel ‘Behind the Oleander’ (ISBN 978-1- 9996481-1-4) in 2019, based on these experiences. Her previous publications include a fictionalised diary ‘A Head Above Others’ (ISBN 978-0-9573977-8-1) of a forgotten early woman Labour MP, Edith Picton-Turbervill and a memoir about her dad, a prolific letter writer, entitled ‘Disgusted Tunbridge Wells’.

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