2. About Us

We’re a right bunch of weirdoes – just ask anyone who’s been to one of our meetings! If you’re looking for a writers’ group it is important you find one that is right for you. That might be us … it might not, but you won’t know unless you come to a meeting, or two. If you feel we’re not right for you, that’s fine. We’re pleased you ‘gave us a go’ and we wish you luck in finding a group that is more in tune with you.

Told you we're a right bunch a weirdoes!

Told you we’re a right bunch a weirdoes!

About Wrekin Writers:

Wrekin Writers group has been in existence for many years now … since 1983. Throughout that time, it has grown and flourished to produce a group of talented writers (well we think so anyway!)

In its early years, the group was fortunate enough to have as its President, a local Shropshire writer, by the name of Edith Pargeter, otherwise known as Ellis Peters, author of the Brother Cadfael books.

Today, we have in our midst, winners of national short story competitions, poetry competitions, and writers whose work has appeared in national magazines. There are also authors of local history books and poetry collections. Some members have had books published by traditional commercial publishers, whilst others have gone down the self-publishing route, so we have experience of both sides of the publishing world. And, of course, we also have members who have yet to discover the joy of publication, as well as those who simply enjoy writing for the pleasure it gives them. And why not?

We meet in the shadow of The Wrekin (actually we don't because we meet in the morning and the Wrekin's shadow doesn't fall on our venue until later in the afternoon.)

We meet in the shadow of The Wrekin (actually we don’t because we meet in the morning and the Wrekin’s shadow doesn’t fall on our venue until later in the afternoon.)

Wrekin Writers are proud members of NAWG – the National Association of Writers Groups


  1. May I let your Independent Authors know of a writing opportunity.
    The Words for the Wounded’s Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award for self-published authors
    (physical, paperback and hardback pdfs, and e-books) is now open for entries. It closes on 11th
    March and winners will be announced on 6th June 2018.

    Previous winners have been taken by literary agents, or gone on to
    review books for Frost Magazine, or to win other awards, all of which
    raises their profile, and improves sales.

    We have four categories this year. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adults
    and finally – Children’s Picture book.

    The two winners in each category will receive a review and profile in
    Frost Magazine, and the opportunity to write A Day in the Life for the
    magazine at a time of their choice.

    There will be commended and highly commended.

    Words for the Wounded raises money for physically and emotionally
    wounded veterans, every penny raised goes to this endeavour. Milly
    Adams, bestselling Arrow author will head the team of judges.

    Please go to http://www.wordsforthewounded.co.uk for details of the charity and
    The Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award.
    Many thanks.

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