2.5 How To Use Our Website

Firstly, thank you for taking a look at our website. We hope you like what you see.

We thought we’d add a little bit of information about how we’ve organised things.


Firstly, as you’ve already found, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, we have a selection of pages on the top menu here (numbered). These contain general information about the group, or hold details that won’t change particularly frequently (with the exception of “3. Latest News”).

1. Home
The Home page is our front page, and will be updated to show the date of the next meeting, and any workshop planned, along with the Chairman’s Challenge for the next meeting.

2. About Us
A little history about the group (more will becoming soon).

2.1 Constitution
Every groups needs a few rules – these are our latest set of guidelines, which we encourage all members to read.

2.2 Where To Find Us
Maps, SatNav postcodes and even links to bus timetables so you know where to find us.

2.3 Membership & Meetings
Information about typical meeting formats and our current membership fees.

2.4 Contact Us
Our email address and web contact form to get in touch.

2.5 How To Use Our Website
Er … that’s this page!

3. Latest News
Every new piece of information added to our website (that doesn’t get added to these pages) can be found here. (See MORE USEFUL LINKS BELOW).

4. Chairman’s Challenges
Each month a small writing exercise is set – our Chairman’s Challenge. This page explains how the process works, and lists previous challenges.

5. October Workshops
Each year we arrange a a couple of workshops as part of the Wellington Town Council Literary festival, held throughout October. Once details have been finalised information about the speakers, times, venue, and costs will appear here.

6. Doris Gooderson Short Story Competition
Every year, we run a short story competition, which is open to writers all over the world. This page details the rules of entry and has links to download entry forms.


If you look to the right hand side of your screen you’ll see a section with this heading. (If viewing our site on a smartphone, or tablet, this menu can be found at the BOTTOM of your screen.) All of the information that appears in our “3. Latest News” has been categorised with these labels to help you find what you’re looking for a little bit quicker. Click on the relevant link to be taken to all news information on that subject.

Author Visits: Information abut times when authors have come to talk to us at our meeting.

Blogging Wrekin Writers: Links to blogs maintained by our members.

Group News: News and information about, and for, group members.

Meeting Handouts: Occasionally at meetings we have handouts, or tip sheets, that are available. Copies can be found here for you to download.

Meetings With A Difference: Not all meetings involved us sitting down and writing. Sometimes we get up to other stuff!

Member’s News: If a member has some news to share – this is where they’ll put it.

Member’s Publications: Some of our members have been published, or self-published work. Click this link to see information about their work.

Newsletters: Each month we produce a newsletter that’s made available at each meeting. Click here to download your own copy of the newsletter.

News for Writers: We get sent details of competitions, and other opportunities for writers. Check out this link for any that may be of interest to you.

Previous Doris Gooderson Competition Results & Winners: A to details about the winners (and runners up) from each of our previous Doris Gooderson Short Story competitions, along with the stories awarded first, second and third place for each year.

Previous October Workshops: Information and photos about some of our previous October workshops.

Retreats: We’ve been retreating (hiring large houses for a long weekend) since 2000. Here’s the photographic evidence of each retreat (which doesn’t actually show much writing going on!)

Social Events: Photos from those other things we get up to from time to time.

Videos: If you can bear to watch them – a few snippets from meetings, workshops and other video footage of our members that appears on the Internet.

Wrekin Writer Publications: Click here for details of our anthologies that we publish every year. (These are a collection of our Chairman’s Challenges produced throughout the year.)