2018 Anthology Cover Vote

It’s that time of year for the great anthology front cover vote! Make your selection by Saturday 13th April!

Scroll through the potential front cover images, then vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page ….

Approaching Storm




Beach Hut


Criccieth Archway








Snowdonia Across The Sea

Wrekin Writers – Doris Gooderson Short Story Competition 2017

Hello, can you help us? Wrekin Writers are desperate to receive short stories of up to 1200 words for the 2017 competition. It closes on 10th July so time is running out. At least half the proceeds are donated to the Severn Hospice so every entry will help. If you know anyone who may be tempted to enter please forward on this email to them and also please enter yourself. I have attached the competition rules and entry form. Submissions can be made digitally or by post. There is an open theme. Each entry costs £5 and the prize money for the top three stories will be: £200, £100 and £50 respectively. Winner are announced on the 2nd October.

I hope I’ve tempted you to help us.

Many thanks
Darren Bailey
Wrekin Writers


2016 Anthology Cover Vote

Yes, it’s back! It’s time to vote for your preferred front cover for the 2016 anthology front cover.

A range of images were identified and these three were selected as the better options for placing text against.

Please view the images below and then make your vote! (Voting closes at 23.59pm on Saturday 18th March 2017, or when I wake up on Sunday morning.)

Option 1. Entrance to Cynghordy retreat (by Diane Perry)


Option 2 – The Cynghordy Viaduct encased in scaffolding (by Simon Whaley)


Option 3 – Cynghordy Viaduct (by Mike White)


Vote closed Sunday morning (19th March). Result:

In Memory of Bob Johnstone

Sadly, former member, and past Secretary to the group, Bob Johnstone, passed away on 31st January 2016. Several members of the group were able to attend his funeral on 18th February 2016, at Telford Crematorium, and it was lovely to see former member George Evans raise a toast in the Red Lion afterwards to Bob, and all friends around The Wrekin.

Bob Johnstone Service

Donations in Bob’s Memory can be sent to The Stroke Association.

Some found writing a little more tiring than they thought.
Some found writing a little more tiring than they thought.

2015 Wrekin Writer Workshops with Nick Fletcher and Catherine Cooper

This year, as part of the Wellington Literary Festival, we had two fabulous workshop facilitators: Nick Fletcher and Catherine Cooper.

Nick gave us an insight into the world of freelance journalism and writing for magazines, sharing with us his tips and advice, drawing upon his many years experience working for the national newspapers and also selling to magazines across the UK.


By the end of the workshop, everyone was fired up with lots of ideas. Editors, I hope you’re inboxes are ready for our pitches!

Then, in the afternoon, Catherine Cooper arrived, with friends, to demystify the world of writing for children …


She had us busy creating characters, delving into treasure chests and picking out a mysterious object to inspire our character and take them on a magical journey. Writing for children means releasing your inner child!







Many thanks to both of our guest speakers for two fab workshops!



2013 Anthology Cover Vote

* * * V O T E  R E S U L T S * * *

The vote for the new anthology front cover is now closed and the results are as follows:


Vote results
Vote results



Which image would you like to see on the cover of the Wrekin Writers’ Anthology 2013? Scroll down and view the possibilities below, then at the bottom of the screen you can vote for your choice. (Please note you may only be able to vote once from your computer.) JUST TO CLARIFY – the use of any image containing the passing resemblance to any member of Wrekin Writers will be subject to their final approval for use on the front cover, if it proves the most popular choice. Should approval not be gained then the next most voted for image will be used for the cover.


1 - rocky beach
1 – rocky beach

2 - pebbly estuary
2 – pebbly estuary

3 - fenceline to Snowdonia
3 – fenceline to Snowdonia

4 - Aberdovey beach shadow
4 – Aberdovey beach shadow

5 - Llanfendigaid door
5 – Llanfendigaid door

6 - Llanfendigaid landing window
6 – Llanfendigaid landing window

7 - Bryan and friend
7 – Bryan and friend

8 - Lanfendigaid property
8 – Lanfendigaid property

9 - passing fishing boat
9 – passing fishing boat

10 - Jackdaw's tail-end
10 – Jackdaw’s tail-end

11 - Starburst beach scene
11 – Starburst beach scene

12 - Crashing groyne
12 – Crashing groyne

13 - Reflecting Diane
13 – Reflecting Diane

14 - Calves
14 – Calves