Sue Crampton

Behind the Oleander: A Story from Iran by Sue Crampton

Sue Crampton’s first novel is available in print and Kindle format via Amazon.

The backdrop to this thriller is Iran and the last years of the Shah’s regime. Annie and her teacher husband Mike arrive to live in a remote expat community contracted to supply military expertise. She struggles with life changing decisions; she encounters Major Jack, and makes friends with two Iranians. Can they all solve their problems or will the escalating political situation prevent this happening?

Sue Crampton worked in Iran with the British Army in the years before the Iranian Revolution. More recently, she lived in Catalonia and helped her husband run a walking holiday business. Inspired by her love of history she has written stories about the Spanish Civil War, about the forgotten early Labour woman MP Edith Picton – Turbervill O.B.E. from Shropshire, and a memoir about her Dad, ‘Disgusted Tunbridge Wells’. ‘Behind the Oleander’ is her first novel. For more information, click here.