2.1 Constitution

If you decide to join us, there are a few rules we ask members to abide by, which are contained here, in our constitution. Please take a few minutes to read through them – in particular section 6, which identifies material which should not be read out aloud at group meetings. If you have any queries about this, please don’t hesitate to ask someone in the group.


Agreed at the meeting of the Wrekin Writer’s Group of 19th January 2019

  1. Post Holders


Chairman:                                Darren Bailey

Vice-Chairman:                         Vacant

Treasurer:                                Bryan Vaughan

Publicity:                                 Everyone?

Wellington Literary Festival:         Joy Clayton

Postal Competition Secretary:               Bryan Vaughan

Electronic Comp Sec:                 Simon Whaley

Newsletter:                              Jan Johnstone

Website Co-ordinator:                                  Simon Whaley

Break Person:                           Frank Lanyon

Competition Judges:                  Darren, Mike and Vicky

Anthology:                              Dorothy Nicholle, Simon Whaley

NAWG Representatives:              Julie Phillips, Simon Whaley

  1. Executive Committee
  1. Comprises of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Publicity Officer.
  2. Responsible for the smooth running, proper development of the group and for enhancing its reputation.
  3. Shall make proposals at scheduled meetings of the Wrekin Writers where majority vote will rule.
  1. Aims
  1. To share information with other like-minded people.
  2. To nurture members’ talent through support and encouragement.
  3. To learn about various aspects of writing.
  4. To present work for the appreciation of the group.
  5. To provide writing related support, constructive criticism, hints, tips and advice.
  1. Meetings and the Venue
  1. Meetings are usually held in the Training Room at The Wrekin Housing Trust, Colliers Way, Telford.
  2. Meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of each month except for December when the second Saturday is chosen.
  3. A writers’ clinic is held between 9am and 10am and the main meeting from 10am till noon.
  1. Membership
  1. The minimum age for membership is 15 years. There is no maximum age.
  2. The cost of membership is £20.00 per annum or £3.00 per meeting for those attending in person. A reduced member of £10.00 per annum applies to those who cannot attend meeetings, but still wish to receive emails, the newsletter, and be able to attend other events, such as retreats and workshops. This is reviewed in January each year.
  3. A non-member attending a normal meeting the first time will not be charged.
  4. A sliding scale of membership fees will operate for those joining after the February meeting as follows:

January – £20

February – £20

March – £18.00

April – £16.00

May – £14.00

June – £12.00

July – £10.00

August – £8.00

September – £6.00

October – Workshop special venue

November – £6.00

December – £3.00

  1. Only a paid up member of the group can take part in voting.
  2. Members who pay £3.00 per meeting are classed as being paid up.
  3. If accumulated group funds reach a figure of more than three times the amount required to cover annual expenses, consideration shall be given to a reduction of the membership fees for the following year.
  1. Content
  1. Unsuitable material should not be read aloud during the meeting.
  2. The Chairman will usually make the decision of whether material is suitable.
  3. If members are unsure about suitability they should ask the Chairman to read the piece and make a decision first.
  4. Examples of unsuitable content are: strong expletives, pornography, strong political messages, prejudiced opinions, or overtly religious subjects.
  5. This material may still be brought to meetings if desired and willing members of the group can offer feedback.


  1. Guest Speakers
  1. Wherever possible group funds will cover the cost of guest speakers.
  2. Exceptional speakers may command higher fees and in such circumstances a small charge may be levied to those attending.
  3. Guest speaker events may be advertised and non-members attending may be charged a £5.00 nominal fee.
  4. If space is limited then priority will be given to group members.
  5. Any member of the Wrekin Writers who presents a workshop may receive a £25.00 payment.
  1. Raffle
  1. The Treasurer is responsible for organising a raffle at each meeting. Prizes are usually limited to three ‘writing associated’ items to be donated by members.
  1. Administration
  1. The Treasurer is responsible for all monies of the Wrekin Writers Group.
  2. The group shall maintain a bank account at all times.
  3. Two authorised signatures are required for cheques, withdrawals, etc.
  4. Investment of surplus funds may be made subject to a majority vote of the members.
  1. Behaviour
  1. All members of the Wrekin Writers Group are expected to behave in a manner that will not in any way reflect badly on the group or cause any ill feeling.
  2. There is no formal procedure for dealing with inappropriate behaviour, but it is open to any member to query and discuss with any other. Inappropriate behaviour may be punished with suspension or exclusion from the group, based on a group vote.
  3. Please try to be excellent to everyone.

15th January 2022

Darren Bailey (Chairman)