Wrekin Writers General Data Protection Regulation Policy

Wrekin Writers General Data Protection Regulation Policy


Wrekin Writers Group is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

1      Data Controller

Wrekin Writers Group (WW) will nominate a Data Controller to be responsible for maintaining and ensuring compliance with the GDPR

1.1      Data Controller responsibilities

The Data Controller shall;

  1. Maintain the GDPR policy, ensuring it is in line with current and emerging legislation.
  2. Maintain a record of the Data Handlers.
  3. Maintain a record of authorised storage systems, including passwords.
  4. Maintain a record of the data storage locations.
  5. Determine the Retention Period for each type of data (see Section 6).
  6. Maintain a record of information shared with external organisations or individuals, and their statement of compliance with GDPR, if appropriate (see Section 7).

2      Data Handlers

Any member of Wrekin Writers Group that handles personal data will be designated as a Data Handler and recorded as such by the Data Controller.

2.1      Data Handler responsibilities

  1. Handle and protect personal data in accordance with the WW GDPR policy.
  2. Shall not disseminate personal data without approval from the Data Controller.
  3. Shall not store personal data on unauthorised systems.

3      Data held

Data will primarily be stored in electronic form.

The following are sources of data expected to be held by WW;

  1. Attendance records of members (name, date of meeting)
  2. Payment record of members (name, amount of payment, date of payment)
  3. Member details (name, email address, phone number [optional], home address [optional])
  4. Competition entrants’ details – electronic (name, email [optional], home address [optional], Paypal details [optional])
  5. Competition entrants’ details – hard copy (name, email [optional], home address [optional])
  6. External speakers (name, email [optional], phone number [optional], home address [optional], Paypal details [optional])
  7. Member Chairman’s Challenge entries (name, email address [optional])

4      Location of data

The Data Controller shall maintain a record of the location of stored data. This record shall be stored primarily on the Wrekin Writers Cloud storage, however, since this record shall not contain any personal data itself, copies may be retained offline by the Data Controller and Data Handlers is required.

5      Retention period

Personal data shall not be held longer than reasonably required. The Data Controller shall determine the retention period for each type of data, but the following shall be used as a guideline;

Data type Retention period
Member details Absent or retired members: up to 12 months after attendance of last meeting.

Extant members: up to 60 months (5 years)

Payment information Absent or retired members: up to 12 months after attendance of last meeting.

Extant members: up to 60 months (5 years)

Competition Entrants Non-winners: up to 12 months following closing date of competition


Member Chairman’s Challenge entries Absent or retired members: up to 12 months after attendance of last meeting.

Extant members: up to 60 months (5 years)

Wrekin Writers emails All emails: up to 60 months (5 years)

6      External Organisations

WW have a responsibility to ensure that if personal data is shared with external organisations, that the receiving organisation or individual will comply with GDPR.

Large organisations, such as banks, Google, Paypal etc. are assumed to be compliant to GDPR.

Where doubt exists if a smaller organisation or individual complies with GDPR, then WW requires a declaration in the form of a signed statement that the receiver is aware of and will comply with the WW GDPR policy. A copy of this policy will be made available to the receiver prior to their acceptance of its terms.

The Data Controller will maintain a record of the organisation that receive Personal Data from WW.

7      Right of Deletion

An individual whose data is held by WW has the right to;

  1. Request details of the data about them by WW
  2. Request the deletion of the data held about them by WW.

Requests for details or deletion shall be made to WW For Attention Of the Data Controller via the main Wrekin Writers email account, wrekinwriters@gmail.com, or in writing to the Doris Gooderson Competition Secretary at the address stated on the Doris Gooderson entry form, or by verbal request at a meeting of Wrekin Writers.

Extant members agree that as a minimum, their name and membership payment status for the current year is recorded.

7.1      Data Purge

An annual data purge, in accordance with the Retention period, will be held at the start of each year, with aged data deleted by 31 January.