The Call Of Catalonia by Sue Crampton

The Call of Catalonia by Sue Crampton

Sue Crampton’s latest book has recently been published.

Sue was enchanted with the Costa Brava when she visited the country in 1962 on her family’s first foreign holiday. She returned forty years later and fell completely under its spell. The magical landscape, unique culture, and charisma were still there but now the people had re-established their Catalan identity and were struggling towards independence from Spain. Their history and this struggle inspired these stories.

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John Cooke is All At Sea!

Congratulations to John Cooke whose book, All At Sea, is published this month.

One man’s voyage through life It’s the late 1960s – a decade of Mods and Rockers; Beats and Hippies and full of peace and love. Aged seventeen, John Cooke ventures out on the roads, hitch-hiking around the UK. On the South Coast, he gets caught up with the romance of the sea and foregoes his freedom when he signs away more than nine years of his life by joining the Royal Navy. It is only after signing on the dotted line that he realises he’s made a monumental mistake; and there is no legitimate way out. John recounts his adventures as an adolescent who sails to the Far East; visiting Cape Town, Singapore, Sydney and Perth along the way. His voyage through the tempestuous sea of life was interspersed with time spent in Military Corrective Training Centres as well as in the Royal Navy Detention Quarters. But this epic journey is only the beginning for John on his road to discovery…

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Lisa Jade’s New Book Now On Pre-Order

The Tomorrow Project by Lisa Jade

Lisa Jade’s latest book, The Tomorrow Project is now available on Amazon for pre-order (release date: 31st October 2020).


The whole world knows Alya Mathis. She’s the Tomorrow Girl – the stuff of dreams. Born in a lab and raised by the Tomorrow Project, she’s the world’s first immortal human.

Not everyone knows about her older sister, Reya. They only know her as a binge-drinking, potty-mouthed troublemaker with a mean sarcastic streak. They only know that she routinely gets into fights, both with the Project’s detractors and Rene Mathis, the Project Head.

Almost nobody knows that Reya was supposed to be the Tomorrow Girl. Nobody ever discusses it. It’s like it never happened. But Reya remembers. She remembers a time when the Project were like family to her. She sees their detractors growing in numbers, and becoming more violent with each confrontation.

She’d do anything to make things right again. Even if it means betraying everyone and becoming something else entirely…

Behind the Oleander: A Story from Iran by Sue Crampton

Sue Crampton’s first novel is available in print and Kindle format via Amazon.

The backdrop to this thriller is Iran and the last years of the Shah’s regime. Annie and her teacher husband Mike arrive to live in a remote expat community contracted to supply military expertise. She struggles with life changing decisions; she encounters Major Jack, and makes friends with two Iranians. Can they all solve their problems or will the escalating political situation prevent this happening?

Sue Crampton worked in Iran with the British Army in the years before the Iranian Revolution. More recently, she lived in Catalonia and helped her husband run a walking holiday business. Inspired by her love of history she has written stories about the Spanish Civil War, about the forgotten early Labour woman MP Edith Picton – Turbervill O.B.E. from Shropshire, and a memoir about her Dad, ‘Disgusted Tunbridge Wells’. ‘Behind the Oleander’ is her first novel. For more information, click here.


Roland Twynam: On The Other Side

Congratulations to Rolan Twynam, who has just self-published his novel On The Other Side.



When Brendan and Anna O’Neil arrive in New York from Ireland in 1889, their dreams of a new life are crushed within hours. Attacked and robbed of their money, implicated in the death of their assailant, the young couple flee — with a Pinkerton agent on their tail. Forced to work in an anthracite mine with little money and less food, Brendan risks their precarious life for the sake of shooting a rabbit for Anna’s pot. When a benefactor recalls them to New York, they have no choice but to face up to American justice. Will this young couple from Donegal get the chance to start again?

On The Other Side is available in paperback and ebook format from Amazon.

Promise of Tomorrow by Jan Davies

Congratulations to Jan Johnstone who’s just self-published her novel, Promise of Tomorrow, under her pseudonym Jan Davies, on Amazon.

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‘Promise of Tomorrow’ is the story of five generations of the Greenwood family who lived in and around Shropshire’s Coalbrookdale area, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, during the construction of the world’s first iron bridge.
Beginning in 1759, each generation relates the story of their lives and their efforts to better themselves, whilst other family members, friends and enemies, also add their recollections to the ongoing Greenwood saga.
Can this family succeed in bettering themselves against all odds, despite the hardships they encounter at every turn?
This is a story of class inequality, hardship and love as the Greenwood family battles to achieve their dream of the ‘Promise of Tomorrow’.

The Dragon and the Sword (Book 4 of The First Sword Chronicles)

The Dragon and the Sword

Christopher Smith has just published his fourth book in his The First Sword Chronicles, which is now available from Amazon here, priced £2.39 in Kindle format.

The synopsis is as follows:

Lonely and friendless, Irithelie has lived her whole life in the hall from which her exalted mother rules the armies and the peoples of the alvenkind. She yearns to show that she is more than a helpless child, and when she and her sisters are despatched across the dark between the worlds on a mission to return the alven people to their homeland it seems her chance may have finally arrived.


But Iri has a secret power, dangerous and unique, and when it is revealed the love and concern of those closest to her may swiftly turn to fear or even hatred.

Meanwhile, the ambitious Summer Phoenix makes her way to Eternal Pantheia just in time to foil an attempt on the life of Princess Romana. Eager for glory and recognition, Summer swiftly joins the new First Sword of the Empire, Michael Callistus, to investigate a series of disappearances on the Imperial frontier, disappearances that may be connected to the assassination attempt…and involve creatures not scene in Pelarius for thousands of years.

The World Serpent comes to claim all crowns, and the army of dragons will devour all worlds that stand before him.

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